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National Corvette Museum Parking Lot Banner Program

The National Corvette Museum began a process a number of years ago where Corvette Clubs from around the country were asked if they wanted to participate in a new program the Museum was initiating, with that being a Parking Lot Banner Program. Participating clubs would be asked to participate in the program by designing a banner representing their club. These banners, which measure 29.5” x 60”, are hung from light poles in the parking area surrounding the Museum.  As the Museum attracts over 23,000 visitors a year, it’s a wonderful way to show off your club and to show support for the Museum. There are 72 banners on display as of April 2020, representing Corvette Clubs from around the country, participating in this program, with your club being one of those clubs.  

Venice Florida Corvettes has been participating in this Program since 2013 and every year we submit a new design, along with our renewal fee. Our club is well represented around the Museum not only through our banner, but a club brick, surrounded by individual member bricks, a bench in which members donated $100 to have their name on it, along with a tile the Club purchased several years ago.    

If you haven’t had a chance to see one of our banners proudly hung at the Museum, what follows are pictures of each of our banners starting with our first banner in 2013 continuing right up to present day.  Please note that a banner was purchased every year with the exception of 2015, when the club elected to take part in the purchase of bricks as mentioned above. 
VFC NCM Banner 2013


VFC NCM Banner 2014


VFC NCM Banner 2022


VFC NCM Banner 2022


VFC NCM Banner 2022










VFC NCM Banner 2024